Checkered Past

--- Bobb Robinson ---

From February, 1966 through August, 1967, DC Comics branded all their publications with a checkerboard masthead, lovingly known as "Go-Go Checks". Because, you know, the 60s. With the help of his husband and intrepid friends, Dr. Bobb will examine each of these issues in depth and tell you what you need to know!

Brought to you by Bobb Robinson of Checkered Past

Latest Episodes…

  1. I Can Bring Home the Bacon AND Fight Off Sharks (Wonder Woman 164)

    Wonder Woman faces harrassment in the workplace, but never fear, she's got plenty of non-consensual behavior of her own to dish out! Hop on board for our last episode of 2021! ...


  2. Run, Davey, Run! (Teen Titans 4)

    Can Davey live up to the expectations of his stage father? Can Wonder Girl escape from the clutches of the hobo jungle? CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN WHY SPEEDY IS CALLED SPEEDY WHEN HIS POWERS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH SPEED? Speedy meets up with the other kid heroes to vsit the ...


  3. Nobody Likes a Fast Boy (Brave and the Bold 67)

    Flash is dead and Batman don't feel so great himself! Who would, what with a gang of super-fast troublmakers gallavanting around Gotham City? My recommendation, Bats, is to do as I did and break up your day with a nice, long nap! ...


  4. Do Androids Dream of Eclectic Creeps? (Superman 189)

    Faced with a choice between an idyllic life on a restored Krypton, and the certain destruction of Earth, the noble Superman chooses (checks notes) THE LATTER. Join us, won't you, for a read-through of one of the most bonkers Superman stories of 1966! ...


  5. Plastic Schmastic, When Do We Eat? (Metal Men 21)

    Poet Laureate Robert Frost famoulsy wrote, "Some say the world will end in a robot apocalypse, some say in being strangled by plastic garbage", but I say the world ends in baby goats and un-eaten hot dogs. Confused? Well I guess you're going to just have to listen to this ...