Checkered Past

--- Bobb Robinson ---

From February, 1966 through August, 1967, DC Comics branded all their publications with a checkerboard masthead, lovingly known as "Go-Go Checks". Because, you know, the 60s. With the help of his husband and intrepid friends, Dr. Bobb will examine each of these issues in depth and tell you what you need to know!

Brought to you by Bobb Robinson of Checkered Past

Latest Episodes…

  1. Never Trust a Brunette (Challengers of the Unknown 51)

    Pity poor Miklos, turned into a sponge creature and then hounded to the ends of the earth - er, I mean the depths of the sea. Don't fret, the Sea Devils are here to help the Challs get to he bottom of things, along with the triumphant return of Neptimus! ...


  2. Caught With Your Pants Down (Blackhawk 223)

    The Blackhawks stumble their way through defeating Mr. Quick-Change, who manages to conceal his true identity through the clever use of *checks notes* a goattee. Join the fun, won't you? ...


  3. You Want Flies With That? (The Atom 26)

    Despite having attained cult goofy villain status, the Bug-Eyed Bandit isn't even referred to by that name in-story, and doesn't appear in costume until the last 2 pages! Gardner Fox wrote it, Gil Kane drew it, Dr. Husband loved it, and oh yes, Ray and Jean get engaged! ...


  4. Runnin' Up That Hill (Our Army at War 170)

    Easy Co. doesn't have it so easy THIS time - not only are the Krauts on their tle, but a kooky old brain-addled WWI vet to boot!  Thank God for the famed hospitality of French maidens! Join us for Our Army at War 170! ...


  5. For the Love of Ivy (Batman 183)

    Batman, a no-good layabout? Say it ain't so! But if it's between being a layabout and falling into the clutches of that floozie Poison Ivy, I bet I know what Robin's vote would be! ...