Checkered Past

--- Bobb Robinson ---

From February, 1966 through August, 1967, DC Comics branded all their publications with a checkerboard masthead, lovingly known as "Go-Go Checks". Because, you know, the 60s. With the help of his husband and intrepid friends, Dr. Bobb will examine each of these issues in depth and tell you what you need to know!

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Checkered Past Episode 17: Teen Titans #2!

    Work Friend Chuck and the Work Friend Chuck Family - Work Friend Chuck Jr., Mary Work Friend Chuck, and Kid Work Friend Chuck - stop by to discuss Teen Titans (Volume 1) number 2! ...


  2. Checkered Past Episode 16: Heart Throbs #100!

    Dammit stops by to talk about girls, Elvis Presley, and mansplaining! ...


  3. Checkered Past Episode 15: Mystery in Space 106!

    This week, we discuss space landlines, BJ and the Bear, and arguably the strangest hero of the Silver Age, Ultra the Multi-Alien! ...


  4. Checkered Past Episode 14: Tomahawk 103!

    This Memorial Day, we pause to remember all the Revolutionary War Heroes who defended our frontier from the Frankenstein Monster, Hessian scientists, and Mexican wrestlers. Heroes like Tomahawk and his Rip-Roarin' Rangers! ...


  5. Checkered Past Episode 13: House of Mystery 157!

    Dial D for Drs. Bobb and Husband to discuss muscular little people, Melania Trump, Dial H for Hero and Martian Manhunter! ...