Checkered Past

--- Bobb Robinson ---

From February, 1966 through August, 1967, DC Comics branded all their publications with a checkerboard masthead, lovingly known as "Go-Go Checks". Because, you know, the 60s. With the help of his husband and intrepid friends, Dr. Bobb will examine each of these issues in depth and tell you what you need to know!

Brought to you by Bobb Robinson of Checkered Past

Latest Episodes…

  1. Walt Has a Secret! (Young Love #54)

    Dr. Professor Sarah Murphy joins us to discuss the literary merits of Young Love number 54. Three pulse-pounding tales of torrid teenage romance (if your definition of pulse-pounding is "mildly intersting" and your definition of "torrid" is "misogynistic") ...


  2. Our Army! AT WAR!

    Join us for a look at OUr Army at War 165, featuring Sgt Rock versus the Iron Major! Along with the battle hapy Joes of Easy Co. and some sexy, sexy German love! ...


  3. Hey Lady! It's the Adventures of Jerry Lewis #93!

    This Episode has it all! Jerry Lewis! A Witch! Doctor Husband hopped up on Sudafed! Lawrence Welk! Fritz the Nite Owl! Rick Springfield! And all the background dog noises you could ever hope for! ...


  4. Hey Lady! It's the Adventures of Jerry Lewis #93!

    Doctor Husband, sick with a cold, rallies his strength to discuss The Adventures of Jerry Lewis #93 (March/April 1966). ...


  5. Checkered Past Episode 30: Adventure Comics 342!

    Objection overruled! Star Boy is on trial for breaking the Legion Code against killing, but don't worry, Superboy's got the defense locked up! (Spoiler alert: Go ahead and worry) PLUS: Superboy's first meeting with best friend Pete! Will Pete discover his secret identity? (Spoiler alert: ...